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Electromechanical Design Services

PRMS Inc. offers complete design engineering, from concept to finished product. We utilize Pro Engineering exclusively. All our designs are based on 3D solid modeling. We have complete Photo rendering capability. All of our designing is done using the reliability of Sun Ultra Workstations. We can bid jobs as completely delivered or on a per hour basis.

You will be given a complete Engineering package, including:

  • Complete 2D paper package

  • 3D Solid model, Pro/E r20 format

  • Optional 3D formats, "IGES" or "STEP" files

  • Optional 2D format, "DXF" file

  • Optional Photo rendering in various bit map formats (pcx, tif, jpg, etc)

We will stand behind our design when manufacturing begins. We will be available to answer any manufacturing questions from "missing dimensions" to "why did we do it this way".

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